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About GatorBytes

We're a self-operated, locally owned company located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Founded in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina by Mark Muscia as "Beach Access" in 1993 when Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) were "state of the art". We utilized one of the first Windows Based BBS systems known as "Excalibur".

As a natural progression, we graduated from a "Local BBS" to internet access "dial up" accounts and eventually DSL access. We sold "Beach Access" in May of 2007.

Mark Muscia at

In October 2007 "" was born
in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
(a family home since 1981)

We continue to host web domains and email as well as create professional images and web design for your personal or commercial needs.

Our experience and technical service includes hardware, software and internet connection troubleshooting, computer repair, preventive maintenance, data backup, disk imaging, virus infection cleanup & networking.

We're small, just like you, so we devote all our time and resources to delivering the highest quality, top drawer attention and service that you deserve. We are not a Corporation - we like it simple and focused. And You are our main focus.

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