Gatorbytes Computer Repair & Virus Removal

Residential Computer Repair & Maintenance

We provide a variety of services, including hardware and software troubleshooting, computer repair & maintenance, data backup, disk imaging, virus infection cleanup, upgrades, memory, software installation and home networking. We DO NOT sell hardware or software so there's no incentive for us to sell you something you don't need. - We will assist in parts purchase if we can't revive your existing hardware.
Free Pick up and Delivery.

Residential & Commercial Computer Repair

Commercial Computer Service, Repair & Maintenance

We can turn your PCs , Workstations & Servers into tools that you use rather than equipment you have to set up, upgrade, and maintain.

- Consultation
- Networking (no job too small)
- Security
- Onsite Repair & Maintenance

You've spent plenty on your office computers, now let us, in plain english, help you understand what they can do for you... There's no "computerese" spoken here.* (*unless of course you want us to;)

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Virus & Spyware Removal

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